Our purpose.

The Shaughnessy Groups purpose is to aid owners contemplating acquisitions, shareholder & management buyouts, sale or divestiture of their non-core divisions or business. 

Our lower-middle market focus.

Supplying advisory services to help you in "selling my business" in the $500 Thousand to $2 Million EBITA range. Companies that are considered too sophisticated for a business broker yet too small for an investment banking process. 

Our experience.

Our team members have decades of experience across variety of industries for some of the best-known public and privately held Canadian companies.

We reach a global network.

We have cultivated a rolodex and extensive network of cross-border banking partners, advisors, investors and strategic buyers who we actively stay in touch with due to their heightened interests in attractive Canadian-based private market opportunities.

We compliment your team

We respect the relationships you have with your existing professional advisors and therefore only supply our specialized mergers and acquisitions advisory services when your organization is referred to us though your existing, Accounting, Banking, Debt, Equity, Investments, Insurance, Legal, Management, Tax, Wealth management relationship.