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The Shaughnessy Group purpose is to help owners sell or divest of their lower-middle market Canadian business.


Businesses and non-core divisions, acquisitions, shareholder, and management buyouts. Our focus is on supplying seller and buyer advisory services to Canadian companies in the $500 Thousand to $2 Million EBITA range.

We respect the relationships you have with your existing professional advisors and therefore only supply our specialized mergers and acquisitions advisory services when your organization is referred to us though your existing, Accounting, Banking, Debt, Equity, Investments, Insurance, Legal, Management, Tax, Wealth management relationship.

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Selling , divesting or merging your business

We actively and confidentially work to sell the values of your company to a global audience of strategic and financial buyers. Our proprietary process yields not only the highest value for your business, but also the highest surety of closing, which is as important, if not more.

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Acquisitions, shareholder and or management buyouts

Over the years, we have been in your shoes and from our experience developed a professionally managed process well suited for companies looking to grow through acquisition, investors looking at private equity as a means of diversification and shareholder or management teams looking to gain equity within their existing companies. 

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