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Our team members have decades of corporate finance experience across variety of industries originating, structuring closing mergers, acquisitions, debt, equity & securitizations capital raising transactions for some of the best-known public and privately held Canadian companies. We actively and confidentially work to sell your business and its value to a global audience of strategic and financial buyers. Our proprietary process yields not only the highest value for your business, but also the highest surety of closing, which is as important, if not more.

As entrepreneurs, senior corporate finance and financial service executives but most importantly deal makers we decided to pry our trade in the lower-middle market. Focused on companies too mature and complex for a business broker sales process, yet still too small for larger investment banks where fees and process become restrictive. 

We are  selling your business by conducting a professionally tailored, highly confidential and global marketing process designed to create a competitive auction for your company. This needs careful planning, strategic positioning, targeted marketing a steady experienced hand known for thorough execution where failure is not a possibility. With the average business sale taking 7 to 12 months to complete, having a trusted mergers and acquisitions advisor allows you to continue running your business and increases your rate of success, valuation achieved and likelihood of closing.

Buyers and investors actively work to uncover investment value. They then base their offers on their best understanding of those values. A professional mergers and acquisitions sales process goes beyond financial value and highlights the intangible values of your company such as The value of a company’s brand, talented management team, solid customer base, strong customer relations, employee relations, patents, proprietary technology and geographic coverage.

We have spent a great deal of time over the decades involved in many transactions and have had the time to step back and analyze and improve the mergers and acquisitions process from both a seller's and buyers’ perspective. We have crafted our process to not only yield the highest valuation for our clients, but also to ensure they receive the highest probability of closing. This is achieved by managing communication, conducting thorough preliminary due diligence to uncover and get ahead of deal "hair" and firmly negotiating key deal terms prior to a signed letter of intent (LOI). In addition, we keep our back-up bidders on standby to keep an urgency to closing and to keep the price target in tact during post-LOI confirmatory due diligence.

Finally, we have cultivated a rolodex and extensive network of cross-border banking partners, advisors, investors and strategic buyers who we actively stay in touch with due to their heightened interests in attractive Canadian-based private market opportunities. 

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